Someone who has checked out this site before might have noticed it, for the longest time, had a dreadful “403 Forbidden” error. Oops.

The reason for this is pretty simple: I never bothered to set up a site and configure Nginx with it. It tried to access static content, failed because there was no index.html, tried a directory listing, also failed there because it is not configured to allow this and well, there we are. Until today.


Welcome to the new site! Powered by Hugo with the awesome PaperMod theme, I believe this is a good resemblance of what I always felt a personal site should look and feel like; minimalist, slick and focused on content.

Moreover, because Hugo does not require a full-fledged stack to be running, but merely a server which can serve static content. Therefore, it is hosted entirely on GitHub Pages through this repository and its roots available through this repository. Huge shoutout to GitHub for making this possible!

What’s this about, then?

First of all, I’m not a blogger. The content of this blog will be based purely on my own thoughts, ideas and projects. They might be accurate; they might not be. For me it is a place to capture interesting bits and pieces.

I’ll try to keep articles short and to the point. Just like the design; less is more. Speaking of which, this was really just meant as a quick ‘hello’-style article, and it’s beginning to grow beyond that.

I hope this content will be of use to somebody!